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G.H.W. Bush: President and Patriot

This photograph should have been posted last Friday, which was George H.W. Bush's birthday.  However, we had some technical problems so I'm putting it up late.  Just can't let it go to waste.  Not with my hair so full and free of gray.

President Bush was a patriot and a great public servant and I remember him with respect and fondness.  He makes several appearances in my book Citizen Mack.  This excerpt mentions the airplane that he said, after he had lost the election to Bill Clinton, was the thing he missed most about being President:

President [George H.W. Bush] gave me a tour,[of the new Air force One] and it was clear he loved that plane. It was too bad that he wouldnt have much longer to enjoy the use of it. 
Even President Bush seemed to sense this. On the flight down to Miami, he said to me, You know, I think we may have waited too long to get serious with this campaign.” 
I think I said something like, Well, there is still time.” 
But I wasnt sure, and I remembered that conversation several of us had with Bob Teeter, whod said the Bush administration planned to ride the poll numbers following Desert Storm all the way to reelection. 

Citizen Mack will be available in print in early September.  You can pre-order on the home page of this blog where the digital version if available now.


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 Source: U.S. Department of Defense photo via Wikimedia Commons

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