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Inside the Story

Get a first look inside the book with David Lawrence's glowing introduction to Citizen Mack , out May 12! In the golden age of baseball in the fifties when I was growing up, everybody knew the name Connie Mack. Part owner and manager of the Philadelphia Athletics for a half-century, he exemplified the decency, savvy, and optimism of the American soul. It runs in the family. That’s the story—and the DNA—of his grandson, the namesake senator. With all that decency, savvy, and common sense, the present-day Connie Mack has led an especially meaningful life. Now he shares that story with us. Almost three decades ago, then publisher of the Miami Herald , I wrote a column about Connie Mack, then in his early days of senatorial service. The headline: “The Senator: Comfortable with Himself.” The Senator made it clear that he never considered his famous forebear a burden. Rather, as I quoted him, “It was a challenge to live up to. I had an obligation to make sure the name woul

Meet Citizen Mack

Connie Mack, a former U.S. senator, a crusader against cancer and a dedicated father has had many fantastic titles throughout his life and career, but his title of choice remains: citizen.  Honest and heartening, Citizen Mack: Politics, an Honorable Calling (to be released by Brown Books Publishing Group on May 12, 2020), is Senator Mack’s memoir of an 18-year journey to and from Capitol Hill. After a family death in Florida and the realization that his greatest desire was to utilize his God-given gifts and run for o ce, Mack packed his bags and moved his family to D.C. to serve as a representative and eventually a senator for Florida.  Alongside the likes of John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Newt Gingrich, Mack helped usher in the turn of the century. From speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, addressing the American Israel Public A airs Committee, casting historic votes on the issues of sending troops to war, to the impeachment of a president and the nomination of